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2013-08-08 06:46 pm
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[Character Info]

Name: Luna
Series: "The Boondocks".
Age: 36
Sign: Virgo
Appearance: A slim, busty and attractive woman with dark skin, long black hair, and a mole above the left side of her lips. She's very fit and also quite tall; standing at 6 feet.

Personality: Normally, Luna is very friendly and upbeat. But when she's being negatively influenced or when she starts to feel rejected, her more sadistic side comes out, and it becomes obvious that she's actually quite crazy.

Although she looks normal on the outside, Luna is mentally unstable. This was due to the long years of abuse she suffered from her past relationships, and seeing her father abuse her mother as a child. According to Luna, she was abused physically, verbally and spiritually which made her miserable. Later in life, she dated a Shaolin monk who taught her White Lotus Kung Fu - the most deadliest martial arts style known to man. In her spare time, Luna raises wolves and participates in deadly fighting tournaments.

As a child, Luna grew up with a father who was abusive to her mother, and had multiple horrible relationships with abusive men throughout her adult life. Her best friend, Nicole (who never appears on-screen), constantly feeds the already emotionally unstable Luna bad advice, such as telling her the men are completely at fault and that they should be severely punished-- or even killed. Due to being easily influenced, Luna unfortunately goes along with her friend's negative advice.